64oz/1.9L FIFTY/FIFTY Tank Growler

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Olive Green
Matte Black
Slate Grey
Stainless Steel
Olive Green
Matte Black
Slate Grey
Stainless Steel

The double-wall vacuum-insulated walls give you a worry-free mind knowing your favorite beverages are kept icy cold or piping hot for hours.  Made of lightweight 18/8 food-grade stainless steel that is non-leaching and will not retain taste or odor. The double-wall technology prevents condensation on the outside for those hot sunny days while maintaining the prime temperature of your beverage. 

The 64oz growler is the optimal companion for bringing your favorite brew along with you. Fill it up at your favorite brewery, pack it into the car and once you reach your destination pour yourself a cup knowing it’s as fresh as it was coming out of the tap. The vacuum-insulated walls ensure your favorite beverage is kept fresh and piping hot or ice-cold until the next refill. The double-wall technology prevents sweating on the outside of the growler, so you don't have to worry about it slipping out of your hand while serving your favorite brew or gulping down that refreshing water. 

The 64oz growler includes a narrow mouth leak-proof 3-finger grip lid. The silicone ring ensures a snug fit to the top of the bottle to retain your beverages' optimal temperature and is easily removable for proper cleaning. The lid is made to easily screw off and on your growler and its 3-finger design gives it a comfortable feel when carrying it around with you wherever you go. 

With the larger volume design, it also works great for those who work outside all day as you can fill it with ice-cold water and know it will be cold and refreshing with every drink that you take.

  • 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Double-Wall Vacuum-Insulated
  • Narrow Mouth 3-Finger Grip Lid Included 
  • Assorted Colors Available 
  • Hand Wash Only

Technical Specs:






1.9 lbs. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Amer Al Muraikhi
Sufficient is Eficient

My daily water consumption is fulfilled. Thank you!

Christopher St. John
Line cook approved!

Been in food service 30 years & I've tried everything for water. I was at the point of using old soda bottles, freezing them & drinking the meltwater. My last bottle finally split from the stresses & my preferred size & type weren't being made anymore. I'm on the line 7-10 hours a day & those little bottles don't cut it; I needed something big. Found the growler on Amazon & decided to try it out. That was December 2016. It's now December 2022 & this thing has followed me from kitchen to kitchen. It's fallen on concrete floors & been dented, sat right next to 500° pizza ovens, & it still keeps going still keeping my water cold til the end of my shift. I keep 2-liter bottles of cold water in my fridge. I take one, fill my growler, refill the bottle & replace it in the rotation. When I finish my shift many hours later, whatever remains is still cold with minimal heat-up. It's been admired in every kitchen, & in every one, there's been at least one other cook who gets their own. Best work purchase I ever made!

Alma Gerlach
New bottle, and my favorite color

So much better and cheaper $$$ than the competitor !@) I love the brass knuckles lid too!


Without a pressurized lid this ain’t a real growler.

Listen Linda

OK, I'm getting ready to order this 64 oz. bottle. I have a 40 ouncer and IT WORKS GREAT!!! But I live in AZ and need to hydrate more, so buy a bigger bottle. Now, I have the black straw cap that came with my 40 oz bottle that I'm sure will work on the 64 ouncer, but I'm concerned the straw won't be long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle, if someone could let me know, I would appreciate it. I bought a white straw cap for my white 40 oz bottle, white doesn't soak up heat like dark colors do. For all of you complaining about not having a straw cap, you can order them here, yes I know it's a pain, but YOU CAN get a straw cap for your 50/50 bottle and you can color match them!!! (now if someone from the company can answer my question about the straw length?) Thank you..... Great product!!!!

UPDATE: I have to eat a little crow on this one, I thought the caps for the bottles and the Growlers were the same, NOPE they are NOT the same, outside thread on the bottles, inside thread on the Growlers, my bad. So I have to beg for forgiveness from the community and plead with 50/50 to please, please make a straw lid or BETTER YET, make one of the dual lids like I just ordered for my 40 oz., for the Growler.... THAT WOULD BE SUPER COOL!!!!