64oz/1.9L FIFTY/FIFTY Tank Growler

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Stainless Steel
Slate Grey
Olive Green
Matte Black
Stainless Steel
Slate Grey
Olive Green
Matte Black

Our 64oz vacuum-insulated growlers keep liquids hot or cold all day. With such a large capacity, the growler is at its best when filled to the brim with delicious beer from your favorite local brewery. The vacuum-insulation means you can easily bring a full one to any event and the beer will be perfectly cold when you arrive. The growler also maintains carbonation all day (until you can't resist and crack it open to fill a pint glass.) But it doesn't stop there! Take advantage of the large capacity and use the growler as a coffee carafe or to keep punch cold for a kid's birthday party. Just make sure to fill it up and be a hero at any:

Backyard BBQ
Hiking adventure
Trip to the beach
Outdoor Concert
Car camping trip
Tailgating before the big game

Dimensions: 4.75 inches L x 4.75 inches W x 13 inches H

They're made of lightweight 18/8 stainless steel that is recyclable, non-leaching and will not retain taste or odor. And even better, the double-wall technology prevents condensation on the outside of the growler (although we can't guarantee the same for the pint glass so make sure to use a coaster!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Love 5050

Great Bottle!!

This bottle works great! Like others, I wish there was a lid with a straw I could purchase for it.

Love it

I love this bottle my only gripe is I can’t find a straw lid for it and really want one so I don’t have to remove the lid while driving or at the gym

One Growler that gets fought over all the time!

I have a son in the Army national guard. I was at a Biker event several months ago and found a vendor selling fifty/fifty bottles. I chose the growler for the size and because it was Army green. A month later, my son left for boot camp and could not take it with him. Since then, every work day becomes a "who needs it more" argument. I love that I can fill it with 1 cm cubes of ice in the morning and they barely shrink by the late afternoon. This is amazing considering I live in Phoenix! My husband and I are both teachers, so we cannot get away from the classroom for drinks easily, thus the arguments. I solved the problem by ordering my own growler in stainless steel! I am also trying to find a lid with a straw for it since it is difficult to use whilst driving. Is the growler compatible with the wide mouth lid?

Great product!!

Awesome product for such an amazing price compared to competitor brands in the market!